Nick Bitounis
Aging CTO
Typically found between a rock and a hard place, easily spotted by his slim figure and spiritual god father of the term "Troll", Nick strives to achieve a good skill balance between integration, development and payment skills. He typically fails in different and unpredictable ways every time.
Iasonas Gavriilidis
Ruby Developer
With all these JSONs flying arround, he constantly tries to stay focused. Besides this, Jason is just a normal physicist who makes his experiments using a screen and a keyboard.
Lefteris Laskaridis
Software Engineer
A fanatic clean coder that loves programming for the web. Upon retirement, Lefteris plans the career change of becoming a Chef. When not vimming code to production, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends.
Giorgos Kylafas
Android Developer
A former C++/backend developer turned a Java/frontend one, Giorgos lives and breathes Android. He loves every minute of playing with those wonderful mobile devices we all carry in our pockets, even if sometimes they seem hell-bent to make him lose his sanity.
Vasilis Kalligas
Ruby developer
A coding alchemist that converts litres of coffee to code. Vasilis was introduced to the dark arts of Ruby some years ago and is still working on improving his skills. He enjoys creating stuff and assisting others on doing so, while he stands firmly on "If you didn't test it, you didn't finish it".
Panayotis Trapatsas
Data Engineer
This modern "Super Mario" builds pipelines filled with data, blends programming, statistics and business into an unholy mix and shamelessly advertises Apache Spark given the chance. Favorite quote:` "Data or it didn't happen."