Vasilis Kalligas
Vasilis Kalligas
Full Stack Developer
A coding alchemist that converts litres of coffee to code. Vasilis was introduced to the dark arts of Ruby some years ago and is still working on improving his skills. He enjoys creating stuff and assisting others on doing so, while he stands firmly on "If you didn't test it, you didn't finish it".
Posts by Vasilis Kalligas

Visualization of rails logs
At we have many applications built with Rails, each one generating a huge amount of logs. These logs are mostly used for monitoring/alerting and of course debugging. However, your application’s logs have the potential to help you get more insights on your applications and how they interact with other systems, without necessarily using sophisticated 3rd party applications. The challenging part is extracting valuable information and doing it fast! In an attempt to try to get more insights of what is happening during a request, we started experimenting with the idea of using specific information from our Rails logs in order to visualize service dependencies, template rendering and more.
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